Artist Bios


Cynthia Ross Meeks is an Artist of Native American ancestry who has spent 22 years working and teaching art in the Providence public schools. She incorporates a love for her ancestry and anthropology into her artwork. Treasured experiences of tribal customs, art and stories are reflected in her work.

We are all under the same sky.Cynthia Ross Meeks

LINDSAY ADLER Visual Artist, RI Certified Arts Educator

Lindsay Adler's vivid acrylic paintings play with visual illusions created by cast shadows. Her paintings tell a story; expressing personal memories of childhood, deep connection with nature and dream-like landscapes. A native Rhode Islander, Lindsay's paintings and photographs are displayed in both solo and group exhibitions throughout New England and published in a variety of printed media. She received a BS in art education at RI College and has since been inspiring her own students in the RI schools and settings for over 25 years. She now devotes her time to creative projects including painting, commission work, and teaching innovative classes in the fine and decorative arts to all ages. She is also a recording artist/composer, performing in venues throughout the area and her music is featured on National Public radio and local radio stations.


Ken D Resseger (b. 1981) makes representational paintings on wood that have one foot in a stilled reality and the other in the unconscious or even psychedelic dimensions. An uncharted pushing into eccentricities of form, light, and detail begins by bouncing within source material, in this case - the imagery of nature. Many subjects in these works are plants that have an effect on the human psyche and sleep and as such are depicted in an ethereal and dream-like fashion. 

The paintings, although much more rendered as complete images, relate in conception and process to ‘automatic drawing’ of classic surrealism. As developed works, the erratic mark making builds, becoming atmospherically peculiar, landing somewhere in feel between the erratic rhythms of Henri Michaux and a Japanese wood-block print. The artist holds a BFA from Pratt Institute (2004) and has been included in a number of group shows in New York. This is the first time he has shown these small format paintings, which has been an ongoing project for over six years.

CAROLE ROSE FULMER (KING) July 31, 1942 – February 7, 2011

A lifelong artist, educator and mentor for students of all ages, Carol inspired her students to develop their creative skills during 23 years tenure as an arts educator at Riverside Junior High School in East Providence, RI. Carol taught students of all level and abilities; including special needs students.

Carol created art her entire life, her family, friends, pets and were often the subjects for her work; as were spirituality and love of nature. From what is exhibited, one may assess that the Artist enjoyed experimenting: embraced new techniques, genres.

After relocating to Venice, Florida in the 1990’s, she continued to teach art to adults. Her accomplishments include many recognitions and awards for her contributions to the local arts community where ever she lived. This collection of works on display, was selected by her daughter. Many of these works are publicly exhibited for the first time. This show is in honor of her Carol’s versatility and vitality for the arts. Work in the arts were niche that sustained her entire life.